Some feedback from radio stations

Kristo Kao with electric guitar

Happy me giving the classical guitar a restPhoto by Kert Kruusakivi

So far I have got some friendly feedback from radio stations that have played my “Dance Album” and I would like to share them here.

This is a quatation from Nick Peros’s letter to me and I hope he doesn’t mind if I share it here because I get nowadays many people contacting me to ask if the radio promotion was worth it:

“Just an update on the radio promo- the tracking began this week, however, earlier this week we already received an e-mail from Classical 96 in Toronto (they e-mailed us even BEFORE we started the tracking) saying they LOVE your CD and will be giving it heavy airplay – here is their e-mail to us from their Music Director:

“I will be playing the hell out of it —through various day parts and specialty programmes–great playing, great rep and wonderful sound–nice
package overall—-really like it–I have listened to it several times over myself–and my fiance loves it as well” –

The MD also asked if we could send him a SECOND COPY of the CD, which we will be sending him tomorrow.

Classical 96 is the #1 classical station in Toronto (Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America after New York, Los Angeles & Chicago) and has a GTA population of about 5.5 million, so that’s great to have Classical 96’s support.”


WITF FM        Harrisburg, PA – var tracks
WBLV FM        Twin Lake, MI – var tracks
WKAR FM        East Lansing, MI – tracks 5,6,9,10,11 programmed
WGUC FM        Cincinatti, OH – var. tracks to be programmed
WCNY FM        Syracuse, NY – var. tracks to be programmed
WCLV FM        Cleveland, OH –  var. tracks AND one of the “CHOICE CD’S” for July
WSHU FM        Fairfield, CT – various tracks
KDFC FM        San Francisco, CA- var. tracks AND to be FEATURED as “CD of the  WEEK”, on-air AND online, JULY 13
CLASSICAL 96        Toronto, ON – heavy play
CJPX FM        Montreal, PQ- tracks 1,8,9,10,11
CKUA FM        Edmonton, AB – 4 tracks June 15/Classic Examples show

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