What’s that Funny Instrument? Playing the Guitar in India

The World is round and once in a while I find myself playing the guitar in places where this instrument is not as popular as we know it. Everyone who has read the Tony Palmer’s book about Julian Bream (A Life on the Road) knows what I am talking about 🙂

So we were in India with our band and although for some of us it was a kite-surf trip, we managed to play a few concerts and join some jam sessions. Not to mention playing guitars on the beach or at the bars. Sure thing is that many of the Indians saw the guitar for the first time. On the other hand, for me it was a chance to get to know the Indian sitar a bit. Previously I had just played the Persian sitar that is much different.

Besides playing we saw a lot of other performers and one of the evenings we spent listening to Prem Joshua that left quite a positive impression although they often play music that is not exactly their ‘mother tongue’.

Driving to concerts and back was done with bikes, very practical. Just a few pics from this trip and back to work teaching and playing the guitar in Europe. Btw, to blend in with locals we even cut a special moustache. But instead of ‘blending’ we were laughed at and people pointed us to others. See and laugh 🙂

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